Jessica Reingold and Nigel Haarstad on Front Desk Equipment

Jessica Reingold: We have a bunch of go-pro cameras at the HCC info desk we have hero 3s and hero 4s. They come in a waterproof case and they also come with the handgrip as well you can check those out. We also have a bunch of DSLR cameras; we have 2 Rebel T5’s, and 3 Rebel T5I’s. The T5I’s flip out like this. They also come with two different lenses; a small lens and a lens that zooms in all the way to 300 mm. We also have a bunch of the flip video cameras they are super portable easy light weight. You basically just hit the big red record button and you take videos that way. We also have HD camcorder is here as well they take HD video and they’re also like wait you can flip the screen around. We also have little tripods for iPhones so in case you have an iPhone you can just use that. And we also have a steady cam for the go Pro and iPhones you basically just mounted onto here with the parts in the bag and it’s a steady cam so I can go around and around.
Nigel Haarstad: We also have a bunch of audio equipment you can check out here too. First is the test cam recorder, you will notice really good sound coming out of here I can put a right onto an SD card so you can upload it right to your computer. So if you’re taking video of something you want to really high-quality sound go for one of these. The next step up is the zoom audio recorder and it’s also an audio mixer. So what you get with this is a couple of different kinds of microphones a little wind screen and you can also plug in other microphones but you can check out here you can adjust the volume levels and do some of the mixing yourself. For other events where you might have other microphones we have an audio mixer here that doesn’t record it’s own sound like the other ones but you do have some options to mix it and put it to some sort of speaker. Now this microphone goes with audio’s studio lab downstairs. It’s a really nice condenser mic with a pop filter on it see your voice will sound silky smooth. And then finally we have some of these desktop microphones these microphones can work with any of the other audios equipment.