Cartland Berge Interview


-I’m the HCC building manager and the digital auditorium man.

(What features best showcase the building’s potential?)

-There’s the production studio, which were in right now, which I think is under used at the moment. I would love it if people got more involved with that, and I would love to see like a regular news series or any sort of thing. The digital auditorium, I think a lot of the student body hasn’t figured out that they can use it yet. It’s freely risible online the way that all the other conference rooms are online students can use all four events performances. I really want to do a sketch comedy show or something like that like an SNL sort of thing. Those are some of the things I feel we’re still trying to get people fully educated about it.


(Can you talk about some of the events that take place in the HCC?)

-We did the Electro-Acoustic Barn Dance in here in October which was super fun. There was people from all over the country that had musical projects that were used for music and interesting ways like computer modulation and sounds some people had analog patch panels, that they created music by plugging and unplugging things improperly, like they would draw things backwards and make interesting sounds because the auditorium has surround sound they were able to actually control how the sound moved through the space. So as you were sitting in the room watching the piece you would hear the sound moving around the room, as they wished it to move, which was a pretty nice showcase what that room can do. The faculty member Mark Schneider has done a bunch of things and then to showcase his compositions that showcase the same thing.


(How do you see the biulding being used in 10 years?)

-Well hopefully as we move forward will be able to develop a budget for renewal of technology and continued Innovation, so hopefully it will be able to adapt with the times. A lot of the planning and thinking about things like the recessed floor that way we can move the wires and cables. So we’re trying to be able to be adaptive. So I hope it will move forward but right now there’s not a budget for that technology to upgrade but we’re working on it.


(What do you find most enjoyable about your job?)

-I don’t think it’s the use of technology in particular I Think my favorite part of the building is this idea of ‘convergence’, bringing all sorts of elements… really all sorts of things people are interested in bringing and bringing them together in one place. What I love is I’ll get emails every day from somebody that has an idea of something they want to do and my Job is to see if we can make it happen. And how we can use equipment and facilities of the building to make what they’re thinking of into reality and that’s what I love doing and that’s my favorite part of the job.


(Is there media showcasing the features of the HCC?)

-I know that there’s some professors and some students have done some things that showcase this room with his room in particular and utilizing the video production studio. For the auditorium there’s a lot of things online of things that we’ve recorded which is one of the great things about the auditorium is that any of the things can be recorded and can go straight online go to For a bunch of videos of things that have happened.