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Many students shown working together in the lobby of the Convergence Ceneter

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms can be found on each floor of the Hurley Convergence Center; most are found on the second floor. Individual rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, and a large monitor with a built in computer and inputs for individual devices. In addition to the dedicated rooms, there are open air collaboration spaces on the second floor, identifiable by the QR code nearby.  These spaces range in size from comfortably seating four people to hosting a twenty-person presentation.

Cartland Berge on the Conference Rooms


All Conference Rooms require a reservation. If you do not have a reservation you may be forced to vacate a space. Find an empty room and want to have a group meeting? Simply scan the QR code on the door, or speak to the Front Desk attendant to book the room or find more suitable arrangements.

To book a room, follow this link: http://convergence.umw.edu/room-reservations/

For more information, please visit the front desk.