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Many students shown working together in the lobby of the Convergence Ceneter


In addition to the many wonderful extracurricular spaces in the Convergence Center, there are three high-tech classrooms for regularly scheduled class meetings and an incubator classroom that can be reserved for special lessons. Each classroom is a unique experiment, designed to find new ways to integrate conventional instruction with the latest technology. The most ambitious is the incubator classroom, made to change radically and quickly for the needs of students and instructors.

Zach Whalen on Various Classrooms


Room 327 features tables along the edge of the room equipped with a monitor and computer, and integrated with the other stations. These tables are shaped and spaced to facilitate group interaction while allowing for conventional instruction.

Room 328 is sized and arranged for the average senior seminar and includes a suite of integrated high-tech learning tools.

Room 329 is a medium sized room with a conventional classroom layout but includes hookups for laptops and devices in the floor along with various other instruction tools.

Incubator Classroom.
Incubator Classroom.1

Room 407, the Incubator Classroom, can be booked for individual class sessions by contacting the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies. The DTLT can be found in HCC 410. All other classrooms can be used as meeting places for regularly scheduled classes on a per semester basis.


  • HCC 327
  • HCC 328
  • HCC 329
  • HCC 407 (Incubator Classroom)

For more information about the incubator classroom, please visit: http://convergence.umw.edu/incubator-classroom/

For more information about the other classrooms, contact the DTLT.

1 Unnamed Photograph of the Hurley Convergence Center Incubator Classroom, ca. 2014, JPG, 700 x 200, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA, http://convergence.umw.edu/files/2014/09/icpano-700×200.jpg/.